Account Deletion

Close your account and have your data deleted.

When you close your Upay account, we remove all your personal data from Upay. We're legally required to keep your transaction history, but these transactions are completely anonymized to ensure they are no longer linked to you as an individual.

Your personal details may be retained within the till system by the affiliate responsible for maintaining your Upay system. This is in accordance with the seperate agreement you have with your place of work, education or an other enrolment at the specific organisation.

As well as Upay, this also applies to the Upay family of apps which include:

Roadchef Captain's Club

Roadchef Truck Masters

Hallam Eat

Feast Ed

To close you account, please access the "Close Account" feature from the "Account Management" menu within the Upay app or on the Upay website.

This will guide you, step-by-step, through the process of closing your Upay account.

If you do not have access to Upay, or the Close Account feature is not enabled for your account, please contact the Upay Support Team to find out about the account closure process for your specific organisation.

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